Innovative and manufactured in The Netherlands.

Unique clip that makes every FaceMask comfortable to wear. These “ear savers” are one of the most popular ways to prevent behind-the-ear irritation.

*Fits every facemask and makes wearing more comfortable. 


✅ Anti – new Covid-19
✅ Washable
✅ Comfortable 

facemaskecosystem - clipper mask
facemaskecosystem - clipper mask

What is the Ear Clip?

✅ Anti-Static
✅ Friendly material 
    ➡️ Utra – light certified material, child proof 
    ➡️ washable
✅  Does not take dirt / does not attract dirt
✅  Comfortable, feels nice on the skin
✅ Good shape / fitting
✅ Re-usable
✅ Fits very well with every mask, 1-10 a 9

the Clip which makes you Smile Again

In contrast to other clips this one can be fitted to the size of your head so it fits every mask for a comfortable wear. 

facemaskecosystem - handwash


✅ Adjustable to every facemask

✅ Anti bacterial virus

✅ quality

facemaskecosystem - facemask

Various Colours

✅ Various Colours
✅ Child proof
✅ Re-usable

facemaskecosystem - arrow

Innovative design upgrade

✅ Design look & fool

✅ Comfortable for long hair

Customer Reviews

Very pleasant to wear and easy to wash in my busy life.
testimonial - facemaskecosystem
Jeff Adams
Unique innovation from Dutch soil, help support the local entrepreneur.
testimonial - facemaskecosystem
Ariana Foxx
Gives me confidence again and I dare to go shopping again.
testimonial - facemaskecosystem
Michael Henry
Personal Trainer

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Try These Genius Hack to Prevent Irritation of Your ears

facemaskecosystem - clipper

The Ear Clip fits every FaceMask

The clip can be used for every type of FaceMask. 

We work closely together with pre-selected reliable manufactures of FaceMasks. 

facemaskecosystem - durable - facemask
Respirator Mask KN95/FFP2 
  • High quality respirator mask with protection class FFP2/KN95
  • Tested and qualified in Finland 4/2020 (according to standard SFS_EN 149 +A1 (2009)). Filtering result 97% of all he particles (minim filtering for class FFP2 is 94%). 
  • Protects against solid and liquid substances, smoke and aerosols harmful to health
  • Shaped nowovel fiber material 
  • One size fits all 
  • Skinfriendly material 
  • V-Shape gives room for nose 
  • 3D-shaping gives room to breath

Clip Prevents ear Irritation

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